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With the quality and quantity of machinery Idiens has acquired over the years. we are able to do a large spectrum of different things.  

Photo Provided from Unsplash

Photo Provided from Unsplash

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication and rain water solutions

With our expert tradesmen and high quality equipment on hand we are able to manufacture anything.

Brackets, Spouting, Rain heads, Ducting, Framing, Folding and cutting you name it we can manufacture it. 

Idiens has two 6.4 meter RAS XXL Folding Centers which means we can fold flashing's abnormally large compared to other workshops.


Photo Provided from Unsplash

Photo Provided from Unsplash

Specialist Welding


Over the years our qualified welders have been hard at work acquiring excellent skills in aluminium and stainless welding. 

Whether its big or small our team are happy to do the work.  

Photo Provided By LineType Architecture

Photo Provided By LineType Architecture

CNC Turret punching

Turret Punching is an amazing way to go about developing fast, cheap and high standard prototypes and products.

We can perforate, design and develop architectural panels suited to the customers specifics.

We can produce high quantities of panels, brackets and other small intricate designs within tight tolorences. We can even put pilot holes into flashings prior to folding thus making the installation quick and easy.

Photo Taken By Idiens Sheetmetal

Photo Taken By Idiens Sheetmetal

Architectural Cladding

Idiens has developed many council approved cladding and roofing profiles. these profiles are manufactured with high quality COLORSTEEL® MAXX®  which is a pre-painted light gauge steel which is rigid, weather resistant and durable. COLORSTEEL® MAXX®  is a brilliant material to work with as its rated for New Zealand's extreme weather environments. 

This material also comes in a large variety of different colours to suit customers needs and wants.